[CogSci] N.E.R.D. Lab Summer Internship in Educational Neuroscience, University of Alabama

Morett, Laura lmorett at ua.edu
Fri Feb 2 10:10:38 PST 2018

University of Alabama

Neuroscience of Education Research on Development (N.E.R.D Lab)

Prof. Laura Morett, PI

Dear colleagues:

Please encourage outstanding undergraduate students, including graduating seniors, seeking research experience to apply for a summer internship at the newly-established Neuroscience of Education Research and Development (N.E.R.D. Lab; nerdlab.ua.edu<http://nerdlab.ua.edu/>). As part of the Educational Neuroscience Initiative at the University of Alabama (edneuro.ua.edu<http://edneuro.ua.edu/>), our research examines how the brain supports learning across the lifespan, with a particular focus on the impact of gesture on typical and atypical language acquisition and processing. We use a variety of methods including functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), electroencephalography (EEG), and eyetracking to investigate how gesture affects the neural mechanisms of language processing and learning in populations including native English speakers, English language learners, and individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Under the mentorship of the PI, Dr. Laura Morett, summer interns in the N.E.R.D. Lab will receive hands-on experience with research, including participant recruitment, experiment development, data collection, and data entry and cleaning. Interns will attend and participate in lab meetings where cutting-edge research relevant to educational neuroscience will be discussed. By participating in these activities, interns will gain significant knowledge of research on gesture, language acquisition and processing, and the neural bases of learning; hone their ability to dissect research papers; and hands-on experience with behavioral and neural data collection techniques. The ideal candidate for this internship is enthusiastic, conscientious, and willing to learn technical skills necessary to conduct neuroscience research (although no prior experience with these skills is required). Candidates with interests in neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, communication sciences and disorders, or education who are considering careers in fields such as research, medicine, or speech pathology are strongly encouraged to apply. Prior research experience is a plus, but not a requirement. We value diversity and encourage applications from individuals from groups underrepresented in the sciences, including individuals from different backgrounds, races, ethnic groups, and those from other diverse populations or economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Interns must be available for 10-20 hours per week for 10 consecutive weeks during summer 2018.  Applicants may participate in the internship for course credit or as part of a program with funding through their college or university, or as volunteer interns.  Hourly compensation may be available, but is not guaranteed. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for their own funding through relevant opportunities, and we are happy to suggest and support such applications.

To apply, please send a cover letter, CV, unofficial transcript, and 1-2 letters of reference to nerdlab at ua.edu<mailto:nerdlab at ua.edu> by 5pm on March 16.  The cover letter should describe your academic background and previous relevant work or research experience, interests in language, gesture, development, cognition, and/or neuroscience, and how this internship would contribute to your future goals.  Please direct any questions about the internship to nerdlab at ua.edu<mailto:nerdlab at ua.edu>.  We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your application!

Best wishes,
Laura Morett

Laura Morett, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Director, Neuroscience of Education Research on Development (N.E.R.D.) Lab

Educational Psychology
The University of Alabama<https://www.ua.edu/>
1617 Capital Hall
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Phone 205-348-8489<tel:205-348-8489>
lmorett at ua.edu<mailto:lmorett at ua.edu> | http://nerdlab.ua.edu<http://nerdlab.ua.edu/>

[e University of Alabama]<https://www.ua.edu/>

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