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Neural Mechanisms Online(website)
20 April 2018

h 15-17 Greenwich Mean Time(check your local time here)[practical information below]

Felipe DE BRIGARD(Duke University)

Cognitive systems and the changing brain
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 The notion of cognitive system is widely used in explanations in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Traditional approaches define cognitive systems in an agent-relative way, that is, via top-down functional decomposition that assumes a cognitive agent as starting point. The extended cognition movement challenged that approach by questioning the primacy of the notion of cognitive agent. In response, [Adams, F., and K. Aizawa. 2001. The Bounds of Cognition. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.] suggested that to have a clear understanding of what a cognitive system is we may need to solve “the demarcation challenge”: the problem of identifying a reliable way to determine which mechanisms that are causally responsible for the production of a certain cognitive process constitute a cognitive system responsible for such process and which ones do not. Recently, [Rupert, R. 2009. Cognitive Systems and the Extended Mind. Oxford: Oxford University Press.] offered a solution based on the idea that the mechanisms that constitute a cognitive system are integrated in a particular sense. In this paper I critically review Rupert’s solution and argue against it. Additionally, I argue that a successful account of cognitive system must accommodate the fact that the neural mechanisms causally responsible for the production of a cognitive process are diachronically dynamic and yet functionally stable. At the end, I offer a suggestion as to how to accommodate this diachronic dynamicity without losing functional stability. I conclude by drawing some implications for the discussion on cognitive ontologies.

Practical information
Neural Mechanisms Online is an international cycle of webinars (=online seminars) on the Philosophy of Neuroscience. The webinars will be held from January to July 2018, every two weeks (calendar). They will deal with hot topics of the philosophy of neuroscience. Several outstanding researchers from all around the world will present their paper, which will be shared via our mailing list. During the session, the author will present their work (30-45 min) and discuss it with the participants (how does it work).
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