[CogSci] CfR: Impact of Visuospatial Skills on Learning, Riga, Latvia, Oct 31-Nov 1

Jurgis Skilters jurgis.skilters at lu.lv
Wed Oct 11 14:31:08 PDT 2017

Call for Registration

12th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication 
"Impact of Visuospatial Skills on Learning"
October 31 – November 1, 2017, Riga, Latvia

According to recent evidence from psychology and learning science, 
visuospatial skills are critical components in learning and might be a 
significant predictor of success in learning. Furthermore, 
external visuospatial representations scaffold variety of internal 
processes of reasoning ranging from everyday tasks to highly complex 
processes. This symposium will focus on the wide range of related 

Keynote speakers (alphabetically)
prof. Bob Coecke (Computer Science, Oxford University; UK)
prof. Mike Stieff (Learning Sciences, University of Illinois-Chicago, 
Prof. David Uttal (Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Northwestern 
University, USA),

Registration (deadline: October 25):
other information:

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